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Auto Mechanic and Radiator Shop in Los Angeles, California

Welcome to Joe's Mufflers and Radiators, an auto repair and muffler shop in Los Angeles, California that is under new ownership. Our shop has been in the same location since 1976, but I just recently took over ownership in January of 2015. 

I am a local mechanic that will go the extra mile in order to give my customers everything the want to ensure that their cars are running perfectly.

At Joe's Mufflers and Radiators, we know that a vehicle that isn’t working in tiptop condition can be a huge disruption in your life. 

That’s why it doesn’t matter to us what the problem is, brakes, muffler, radiator, gas tank or anything else, we’ll do the work and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

I mostly do custom work on mufflers, and can provide service on the entire exhaust system including the catalytic converters, thermostats, headers and piping. 

Depending on what you’re looking for, we have custom chrome tips, aluminized pipes, Flowmaster super tubes and carbon exhaust.

If you’re looking for custom and high performance exhaust systems including flex pipes, resonators, brackets, X pipes, H Pipes or glass fax, you’ve come to the right place because I do them all.

When your brakes are causing problems, give me a call at (323) 488-5638, or just drop by the Los Angeles, California shop and we can discuss what’s going on. 

I have the capability to do front and rear brakes, pads, rotors, drum brakes and can even handle shocks and struts if that’s causing you problems.

I’ll install a brand new radiator, no matter what type, if you’re having issues there, and if you are looking for gas tank repair I can do that, too.

If you live or work in the Los Angeles, California area, and need a local mechanic to help you with your exhaust systems, mufflers, gas tank repair or anything else, come to me at Joe's Mufflers and Radiators to make sure that it gets done right the first time.

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